Twin-Lock washers

Product working principle

To ensure the integrity of fastener thread systems, Grower Twin-Lock® security system of Growermetal works by using tension rather than friction, which has been the basis for most traditional fastening methods. This ensures the securing of threaded systems. Grower Twin-Lock® security system consists of two identical flat washers which have a set of cams on one side and a radial knurling on the other side.

The angle of inclination a of the washer cam is bigger than the pitch ß of the screw thread. When the fastener is tightened, the knurled surfaces grip both the bearing surface of the fastener and the material into which the screw is being fastened. The larger angle of the cam a, compared to the smaller angle of the screw thread ß, will not allow the screw to loosen because of the tension caused by the cam lifting.


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